Sunday, 9 April 2017

March Wrap Up | 2017

Earlier today I posted my wrap up on my YouTube Channel.

If you want to check it out here is the link:

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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Movies of March

So I went a little crazy on the movie watching this past month...

Arrival is about how a linguist, played by Amy Adams, and a scientist, played by Jeremy Renner, come together to figure out what the aliens want when they land on earth.

I love the special effects and the flash backs. This is a movie that makes me want other people to watch it to see how they feel about the movie when it ended.
I questioned if I would have done the same things if I was the main character.
After I finished the movie I immediately called my mother and told her about this.
I want to know if you have watched this what you thought. Would you do the same thing as the Amy Adams character?

Letters To Juliet: This movie is adorable and I think that everyone should sit down and watch it.

Moana: This is a really cute movie. I loved the side characters, Heihei and Pua. The only thing that I wanted different was I wish that their was more of Pua with Moana and Heihei. I understand that two animals is a lot to look after but Pocahontas and Mulan looked after two animals. Other than that I recommend this movie. :)

All of these next movies are ones that I watched on HBO Go. To say that I have become slightly addicted to HBO GO would be an understatement.

The Legend of Tarzan:
The Legend of Tarzan is about how John Clayton, AKA Tarzan, goes back to Africa after being invited. On his journey back he finds out that things are worse off than when he left.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I enjoyed the special effects, the plot, the actors who played the roles, everything. I want everyone to watch this.
Even though this is different from the cartoon version, it is still good. I believe in the cartoon version Clayton was the bad guy so that took me by surprise when Tarzan is called John Clayton.

Neighbors 2: I wasn't all that impressed with this movie. I will not be watching it again in the future. This movie is a lot like the first movie. Frat houses, parties, and neighbors trying to get rid of them.

Bridget Jones Baby: This movie, like all the Bridget Jones movies, is hilarious. You need to go watch all three and get back with me so we can talk about these movies! Probably on my top recommended romantic comedies! (One of my favorite parts of the movie is when Bridget and her friend meet Ed Sheeran.)

Embarazados (We Are Pregnant): This was the first movie that I watched that was spoken in another language.  This film is in spanish and I read the English subtitles. It was an interesting experience.
This movie didn't blow me away, it was just okay.

Sydney White: This is a modern day retelling of Snow White. This is exactly what I thought it would be, a cheesy, but cute version of Snow White.

This next one is not a movie, but I started watching The Arrangement this month guys and I am hooked. It is really interesting.
If you have not heard what The Arrangement is about I will give you a brief synopsis.

There is this movie star, Kyle West, who meets this girl on an audition for the movie he is in. They spend like a day together and then he sends over a contract to this girls agent that says that he is offering her a contract marriage. She will get 10 million dollars if she marries this guy for so many years and has kids with him. He is also involved with the group called The Institute Of The Higher Mind which is very creepy and kind of like a cult but the plot, at least in my opinion, is good.

I think I might be forgetting a movie. If I remember one later I will be sure to update you somehow. Maybe on Twitter or Instagram.

Please let me know what movies, if any, you watched this month. I love discussing movies just as much as I do books.

Thanks for reading.
I hope you have a good day/night.

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