Sunday, 15 October 2017

Books I read and TV Shows I've watched in September

Hey everyone!
Today I just want to chat about the book I read and the TV shows I watched in September.

The only book that I completed in September was Emma In The Night by Wendy Walker.

What this book is about:
Cass returns home after being gone for years. Her family didn't know what happened to her or her sister. They were kidnapped. Cass was able to escape this island that her and her sister Emma were trapped on. Cass has made it her mission now to go and rescue Emma.

I gave this a 4.5/5 stars. I really enjoyed this book. The reason that I gave the book a 4.5 instead of a 5 stars is because there are things in this book that lead me to guess the ending. I didn't guess all of the ending but parts.
I still think that this is still a book worth reading if you haven't already. This will probably be on my list of favorites for the year.

I watched:
1. I started and finished Sense8 on Netflix and I love it.
Took me only a few days to finish. You need to watch it. I am not going to tell you anything about this series. I went into it barely knowing anything and I loved trying to figure out how it all connected.

2. I finished American Horror Story Seasons 1-5 (season 6 isn't on Netflix).
I started watching American Horror Story in August I believe. I originally started watching the series when Hotel aired. My mom and siblings were raving about the show so I watched that season first. I wanted to start from the beginning because season 7 was coming out. (Its already out. I believe there are six episodes so far.) I am enjoying this season so far. Its interesting.
If I had to rank the seasons I think this is how I would rank them:
1. is a tie between Hotel and Murder House
2. Asylum
3. Freakshow
4. Coven
5. Roanoke (I didn't watch all of the episodes when it aired. Think I got 4-5 episodes before I stopped.)

If you have watched AHS how do you rank the seasons?

3. The Good Doctor
I just watched the pilot and I am impressed. This reminds me of a lighthearted version of House.

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