Saturday, 16 April 2016

Weekend Reads!!

Hello everyone!

I have been in a reading mood lately. All I want to do is read. So today I thought I could share with you the books that I would like to finish this weekend.

Here are the three books that I plan on reading this weekend. I am trying to stick to my TBR for the month. If you guys have not seen what I plan to read this month here is the link:

I am currently reading If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern. I am really loving this story. It is very cute. This story, for those of you who don't know, is about this girl, Elizabeth, and she is very uptight. Everything has to be in order. Until Ivan comes into the picture. Elizabeth is taking care of her nephew Luke and Luke one day meets this man named Ivan. Ivan can only be seen by Luke until one day Elizabeth sees him too..

The next two, maybe three, books that I plan on reading this weekend are Just One Day, Just One Year, and maybe Just One Night by Gayle Forman. 
Just One Day is about a girl, Allyson, who goes on a trip around Europe before she starts college in the fall. One place that the trip was supposed to take her was Paris but they couldn't make it there.  One day while she was on a train Allyson meets Willem and he tells her that he can take her to Paris for just one day. She says yes and this story is of their adventure. I read this book two years ago and really enjoyed it. I am rereading it so that I can read Just One Year and then maybe Just One Night. Just One Year is Just One Day but from Willems perspective. Just One Night picks up where Just One Day left off. 

I hope I can get to all of these this weekend and maybe put up some reviews later on. 
Let me know down in the comments what book you are currently reading or what book(s) you plan on reading this weekend. 
I hope you have a good day.
Thanks for reading!

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