Monday, 2 January 2017

What I Have Been Loving December 2016

This month has been awesome. My birthday was this month, I finished another semester, and Christmas happened!

I thought I could sum up some of the things that I have loved this month.

1) Relaxing- I have been so lazy this month. It has been nice to be lazy but I can't wait till school starts again so I can get back into a routine.

2) Chocolate-I feel like a lot of people, especially this time of year, will agree with me on chocolate being a thing they have loved.

3) Reading- I have not read much this month (if my wrap up isn't out for December already it will be out soon) but I have loved what I have read.

4) TV shows- This time last year was when I got hooked on Game of Thrones. I binge watched all 5 seasons of Game of Thrones in a few weeks last year and I did the same thing with another show this year. This year the show I binge watched was How To Get Away With Murder. This show is amazing! My sister came home from college for break, she has Netflix, and that is when I found this show. I watched the nine episodes that are out in season 3 all in one night. I can't wait for it to come back on in January!
Another show is one that I am trying to get back into and that show is Bones. I have always loved Bones. I just need to catch up. I am on the 8th season right now.

5) Planning- I am loving being able to plan for the new year. I am making goals and trying to get everything in order for the new year.

6) Family- The last thing that I have been loving this month is how much time I have been able to spend with my family. 

Let me know what you have been loving this month!
Thank you for reading!
I hope you have a great day. 

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