Thursday, 18 February 2016

TV shows I'm Currently Watching

Hello everybody!!
I am a TV addict and I thought I could talk to about what I am currently watching with you guys today.

1. Shadowhunters- I honestly have a love-hate relationship with this TV show. I love the book series so much so I watch the show but I hate the show. There are so many issues with this show in my opinion.

  • I don't like the acting
  • I don't like how the costume design people make the person who plays Izzy dress like a prostitute.
  • I don't like how they draw on the runes and I also don't like the purple blob portals. 
  • Why the purple necklace? 
  • Why mention the parabarti now? I thought they became parabarti in the later books... 
  • I think they are trying to hard to fit into society today. The pilot episode they were talking about tweeting. What?! Why?! 
I might stop watching Shadowhunters. I gave it a shot. I have watched live 5-6 episodes. I think that if a different network produced Shadowhunters that it would be way better. A network like the CW, Starz, or HBO. If it had a new network and new actors, pretty much a new everything, then I think I would watch it. I am glad that they tried to make such an amazing book series a TV show. I just wish it was better..Sorry..Not sorry..

2. Jane The Virgin- I really like the previous season, now I have no idea how I feel. Jane is trying to fall in love with someone. I know that this show is supposed to be dramatic and I think I will continue to watch it but it just kinda drives me crazy.

3. Arrow-OMG this show is amazing. If you like movies like the Avengers movies (I know Arrow is DC and Avengers is Marvel) go watch Arrow. There are, I think, 4 seasons. Its good. Its about a guy who puts on a green hood and fights bad guys. My summary does not fully explain this show. There is more to it than what I said. Just go watch it and see for yourself how amazing this show is.

4. Recovery Road- Unlike Shadowhunters I think that Freeform did a good job with Recovery Road. I am by no means saying that this show is without faults but it is WAY better than Shadowhunters. This show is about a teenager that has to go into a rehab facility. She has to live there and go to school during the day.

Well those are some of the shows that I am currently watching. Let me know in the comments what shows you are currently watching.
I hope you have a good day and I will talk to you soon!

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