Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Elf Makeup Haul!

Hello everyone!
Today I decided to do something different. Today I am going to show you what makeup I bought.
I am not a beauty guru. So I don't know much about makeup. I am 20 years old and I am just now experimenting with makeup. I bought mainly Elf brand makeup because it is cheap.
Anyway onto what I bought.

So here is an overview of what I bought.

Here are the two brushed that I bought. One is an eyeshadow brush (white) and the other is an angled brush (black). It does not give a brush number on the brush itself but it does give a number in the top right hand corner. The numbers are 1815 for the eyeshadow brush and 84010 for the angled brush. 

The next item I bought was some concealer. I have some Maybeline brand concealer. I bought this one because I don't think that the Maybeline brand covers the dark circles under my eyes well. This concealer is in the shade light beige and the number on the concealer is 231955E02Y.

Then I bought an eyelash curler. I haven't ever used on of these so using this will be an adventure.

Next item that I picked up was some makeup remover wipes. I was using baby oil to remove my makeup because when I first started using makeup products I heard that baby oil was a good product to use when I wanted to remove my makeup. I didn't think that the baby oil did a very good job so I have decided to pick up some makeup removing wipes. 

Next item I purchased was some eye primer. I have never used this and I heard that it is supposed to keep you eyeshadow from creasing. This is what it says on the bottom of the primer incase you want to find this shade: 21711 sheer 5L01EA

Face primer was my next purchase. Just like the eye primer, I have never used this before. This is what it says on the bottom of the face primer incase you want to find it: 83408 clear 5K01EA. This particular face primer is to help with acne. Since using makeup my face has broken out so I hope that this helps me. Elf has many different brands of face primer, so you have some choices. 

Next item I got was some foundation. I have some Maybeline foundation and I like it but I wanted to try something new. Here is what it says on the bottom of the bottle incase you want to find it: 95012 Light/Medium 5KO2EA. 

This is the only item that I bought that was not in the Elf brand. I have used a beauty blender. Mine tore at the tip when I was cleaning it. I guess I was being to rough with it and it tore so I bought some new ones and I saved money by buying the two pack. When I bought my first beauty blender it was around $5-6 and I got both of these for $8!

I bought all of these items at Walmart and I only spent around $30-35. I think that I got a bargain with the Elf brand. 
I will let you know what I think about this brand when I try the products. 
Let me know down in the comments if you have tried Elf and what you thought. Also let me know if you like these types of blog post because if so I will, try, and continue to talk about makeup in future posts. 
Thank you for reading!
I hope you have a good day! 

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