Thursday, 7 April 2016

March Favorites | 2016

Hello everyone!
I am excited because today I am going to talk to you about the things that I was loving in the month of March. There is a very random mixture of things.

Here is an overview of some of the things that I loved this past month!

 These plaid shoes are amazing. They are so comfortable. I walk a lot during the day and these are the  only shoes that don't make my feet feel sore.

I have used this Elf face primer for a little bit. I can't really tell a difference in my skin at the moment. I think that is because I don't use it everyday. Maybe when I start to use it more often I will be able to notice something. What I really like about it is the smell. It reminds me of summer.

Okay! This deodorant is possibly the best deodorant I have ever bought and the most expensive. This deodorant was $7-8! I am used to buying the $3-4 deodorant. I won't be going back to the other deodorant again though. I (again) love the way this smells. It also smells like summer. It has kind of a citrus smell. If you get this deodorant I suggest getting the clear kind that way it doesn't leave marks on your clothes.

These are possible the best pants I have ever bought! These are jeans that fit like leggings. I bought these from Rue21 and all I want to do is wear them.
I do have a few complaints about these pants. 1. There are no front pockets. There are back pockets but no front pockets. 2. They get those little fuzz things. You know, those fuzz things that you get on the insides of your thighs when they rub together. Its a little annoying.

The next thing on my favorites list are these bluetooth headphones. I love these. The ear buds are attached to the wires and the earbuds magnetically attach to the headset. I love this because you don't have to untangle wires.
The one thing that I find really helpful about these headphones is that it tells you the battery level as you are listening to things. It will tell you battery high, battery medium, battery low, and battery low needs to charge. The thing is that I always forget to charge them. :( I listened to the whole audiobook of Yes Please before the battery got low so they have a good battery life, I think.
The only complaint I have about these headphones is that when you are watching a video on YouTube the audio and video are not synced. I know what you might be thinking..Did you try to watch the video with regular headphones and see if the video sync was still an issue? My answer to that is yes I did. The video played just fine with regular headphones in and it was wonky when I tried to watch them with these headphones.

The next thing on my favorites list is an app and that app is the podcast app. Since I walked (and am still walking) a bunch in March I needed something to listen to while I walk, besides audiobooks. I have gone back and forth to three different podcasts. The three podcasts that I listen to are the Jenna and Julien podcast, Psychobabble, and Serial. I don't listen to Serial that often but every once and a while I will turn on a episode.

The last thing on my favorites list for the month of March is music. (Almost) Every time I write a blog post I find myself going to YouTube and turning on Halsey's new album. I love it. If you have not heard it I suggest you go look it up. My favorite song is Castle and I think it is my favorite because that is the first song I ever heard by her.

Let me know in the comments what you were loving in the month of March.
I hope you have a good day!
Thanks for reading!

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