Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Trip to Tennessee

Hello everyone!!
I am sorry that I am posting so late and I'm sorry that I didn't post yesterday.

My family and I all went on a small vacation to Tennessee this past weekend and it was amazing! I enjoyed every minute of it.

We left Friday morning at about six and made it to Tennessee at about 5 or 6 in the evening. We took two vehicles, my family is large. I am one of five children. My mom, her husband, and two of my siblings rode in one car, while my two younger sisters and I rode in another.

My younger sister drove because she can't stand riding in the passenger seat. We were jamming out to music the whole way. It was great.

Once we made it to Tennessee we checked into the cabin that we were staying in. We stayed in the cabins on Legacy Mountain. The view from the cabin is gorgeous! Theres no wifi in the cabin but there was a pool table so we played pool for the majority of the time that we were at the cabin. It was nice to not have wifi.

Once we checked into the cabin and put all of our stuff away we went into town and ate at Cicis Pizza. After we ate we just walked around.
We went into the Titanic museum. This museum is amazing. You are given a device to listen to facts about the items that are in the museum. The outside of the museum looks like the Titanic boat which I thought was cool.

Day two we went to the Hollywood Wax Museum, which I loved. This museum is set up in a really cool way. There's props in the museum so you can pose with the wax figures. The outside of the museum is great. There is a building that looks like a castle that was right next to the wax museum so we went in there. In this castle there's a hall of mirrors, a 5D ride, and a zombie maze. The zombie thing was the best in my opinion. It scared the crap out of me and my voice was hoarse after that because of all I did was screams. We went through this zombie thing in a line. The people we didn't know went first, then it was my little brother, my younger sister had a hold of him, my youngest sister had a hold of her, I had a hold of my youngest sister, then my mom had a hold of me, and then my moms husband and my older sister were last.

If you got confused I will put it this way: people we didn't know, child #5, child #3, child #4, child #2 (me), my mom, my moms husband, and child #1. When we were younger my mother used to call us by our number (which was given to us in the order of oldest to youngest) when she was angry because all of our names start with M's. Sometimes she would trip herself up when she was trying to get one of our attention and it was hilarious.

After the wax museum and the castle we went to Gatlinburg. We walked around and ate. Then we went on this rollercoaster. I have never been on a rollercoaster like this. This rollercoaster didn't have connecting carts and the person riding had to pull down the levers once you got to the top of the hill to make it go. To make it stop you had to pull the levers back. There were times when I was on this rollercoaster and I had to slow down because I thought my cart was going to tip over. It was fun though.

Day three we went Zip lining from mountain top to mountain top. We all didn't go just child #3, child #4, my mom, and I. I was nervous at first but it was really fun. What made me nervous was the fact that I had to sign a waiver that said that this could give you emotional or physical damage, such as back problems or death. I read the first two paragraphs and I signed it. I thought it was better to not read it all. Once it said something about death I quit reading. I just texted my friends and asked them to pray for me. I was keeping my fingers crossed that all the equipment was up to par. It was. I am okay and the zip line was amazing. Probably my favorite part of the vacation. We had two guys as our guides, Han Solo (who's from the Czech Republic. That is the name he goes by in the US because I guess no one can pronounce his name here.) and Kiro. Before we went on any zip lines they gave us instructions on what to do. The main thing they said was not to hold down on the brake to hard because your arm will pop back and it will hurt. We had a brake, which I not sure what it was, that was attached to some gloves. The brake was on your dominant hand. Well I held down to hard on my brake and it came off while I was on the zip line. I was shouting to Han Solo that I have no brakes. I was afraid I was going to crash!!
Kiro had an extra brake so he just stuck it on my glove.

After the zip line we all went to Wonder Works. I had a terrible headache so I didn't enjoy it that much. It is hard to explain Wonder Works. It reminds me of a Dave and Busters but it had facts about things and art.
It was interesting.

Later that night child #1, child #5, and my moms husband went to the Dixie Stampede. They enjoyed it.

Day 4 we checked out of the cabin and explored Pigeon Forge, the town we stayed in. We went go carting, which was amazing. Then we got on the road and drove.

Well that was what we did on our family vacation. If you have been to Tennessee and have done any of this stuff let me know. If you have been to Tennessee and did some other fun things let me know because if we go back it would be nice to do something different.

Thank you for reading this LONG post.
I hope you all have a good day (or night for me).

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