Saturday, 11 February 2017

Jan 2017 Food and Movie discussion

I found some new food I like and I watched a few movies this month so I thought I could share with you my thoughts on both.

I found this brand called Gardein (for those vegan/vegetarian people out there probably know what brand I am talking about and it is amazing.) I can have orange "chicken", "chicken strips", hot pockets, etc!
Right now my favorite is the orange chicken.

This month I watched Now You See Me 2 and this movie is amazing. I loved it a little bit more than the first one and the first one was phenomenal! Definitely recommend. If you know of any other movies that are similar to this please let me know!

The next movie I watched this month was Max. This movie had me on the edge of my seat. I knew the basic premise of this movie. "It is about a marine and his dog." When I started this movie I thought it was going to be about how a marine and his dog try to get back in to living life like a civilian. NO! This movie is much more than that. I should have known since there is a dog in the movie that it was going to be sad.

I just finished the movie By the Sea. Now that it has been a little bit since I have watched it I can tell you I did not enjoy this movie.
For most of the movie I was lost. I was trying to figure out what was wrong with Angelina's character. I could see that she went through trauma but I was trying to pin point if she had been raped or if it was something else.
I did not understand the purpose of this movie until the end. I think that can be a good and a bad thing.
With the movie By The Sea I knew that it was about a couple that are struggling with their marriage. I was just trying to figure out the overall message of this movie and like I said earlier that message becomes clear at the end. You find out why they are "broken".

I saw Passengers in the movie theater and and it was good! There was a something that I did not agree with and if I mention it it will ruin the movie but overall I enjoyed it. I wanted to see if again right after watching it.

I went to see La La Land this month and oh my gosh it was great! I do plan on doing a review and should have that up shortly if it isn't already posted.

Lastly, I put up my wrap up recently and I think I said that I read Thanks For the Trouble by Tommy Wallace because Trina from Between Chapters talked about it. I can't seem to find that video where she mentions it. I think I was wrong. Maybe it wasn't Trina who talked about the book. Sorry for the misinformation. 

Let me know in the comments what movies you have watched or what food you have enjoyed this month.
Thanks for reading!
I hope you have a great day.

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