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Fifty Shades Trilogy Review (spoilers)

I recently finished the Fifty Shades trilogy and can't wait to share my thoughts.

***I feel like everyone says this but just so people know Fifty Shades is not a good example of a healthy relationship.****

Fifty Shades of Grey-(2 stars)
I want start out by saying that I did not like Fifty Shades of Grey. There were so many things that irritated me about this book. I did not like the rules-the submissive is seen as his property. Wow! I thought while reading this book that Ana had Stockholm Syndrome. One minute she would say that she did not like something and then she says that she wants to please him.

There are parts in the book where she says that he is suffocating. If he is suffocating then LEAVE!

I kept thinking 'why not try to date other people? This man is the only man that you have had a relationship with and this relationship is not healthy.'

I think that most people know this quote but I have to include it because it sums up this book perfectly (which is why I think E. L. James named it Fifty Shades of Grey). "I'm fifty shades of fucked up." When I read this I thinking 'damn straight you're fucked up'.

Its not just Christian that gets on my nerves, Ana does too. She says she doesn't like him when he is mad and then does things deliberately to make him angry.

One part that I did think was interesting/amazing in the book was when Christian said that the submissive has the power. They have the power to say no. Finally! In a book where Christian says that he likes to be in control then to find out that he really isn't in control was a surprise.

The ending killed me. (I watched the movie before I read the book so I knew what was going to happen but still reading that made me angry and sad.) The fact that he got off on hurting her made me sick.

The last thing that I had a real problem with was that she said she loved Christian. How can you love someone when you don't know them. The side of him that she knows is the red room of pain. He won't open up and tell her things that are not related to a Dom/Sub relationship. She doesn't really know him at all.

(The reason I gave it two stars was 1.) This book kept me on my toes. I wanted to know how it was going to end and if she was going to find out more about Christian. 2.) Christian-I wanted to know why he is the way he is. Did what Mrs. Robinson do to him make him this way or was it something else that set him down this path?)

Fifty Shades Darker-(3.5-4 stars)
Normally I don't continue on with a series if I don't like the first book but I wanted to read this one because the movie looked like it had more of a plot than just sex.
I was glad that we got to know more about Christian in this book. He explains why he doesn't like to be touched.
There are things that come to light for both Christian and Ana in this book. They both admit that they do not know each other very well.
One thing that made me jump for joy was the fact that Ana told Elena (AKA Mrs. Robinson) off. I was just waiting for it!
Another thing that I like in this book is that she calls him Fifty. She took the negative thing that he said about himself and sort of makes it a "cute" nickname but she calls him Fifty when he is being overbearing so maybe not cute. I don't know. Every time she called him Fifty I couldn't help but smile.

When he told her why he only had brunettes as his submissive's. WOW! I didn't expect that. He beats and sleeps with women who look like his mother. This was when I put the book down because that really is fifty shades of fucked up.

When Grace found out about Elena and Christian I was so happy that she slapped her. Its about damn time someone smacked this women in the face for taking advantage of a fifteen year old boy.
This part made me so sad: '"You never once held me,' Christian whispers. 'You never once said you loved me.'" (He said this to Elena.)

The ending to this book also shocked me. I wanted to immediately start the next book but when I finished this one it was like 1-2am and I needed sleep.

Overall I enjoyed this book. There are still parts in this book that I can't stand. Mainly when Ana says she does this for him and by this I mean the abusive sex, but there are other parts that were good.

Why I gave the book 3.5-4 stars:
1. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time
2. There was more of a plot
3. There was more information about Christian.

Fifty Shades Freed-(4 stars)
There are moments in this book that had me laughing.
I died laughing when Christian and Ana were being followed in their car. Christian had me laughing so hard because he wanted her to go around this car. Here is the conversation:
"Flash the headlights," Christian orders when a Ford Mustang won't move.
"But that would make me an asshole."
"So be an asshole!" he snaps.

Then there are times where I am still completely shocked when Christian becomes 'fifty shades' again.
There is a part in this book where Christian shows up at Ana's work and he's says something to the extinct of he's comes to places he owns because it keeps people on their toes and wives in their place. After reading that I was stunned.

One thing that I loved in this book was when Ana tells Gia off. In the last book I was waiting to see Elena be told off and in this book I was waiting for Ana to tell Gia off.

Another thing that I love that Ana did is when she smacked that guy on the dance floor. I was glad that she took care of it and stood up for herself. She didn't need Christian to come to the rescue, even though he did show up and punch the guy.

A conversation that I love:
"I love philanthropic Christian," I murmur.
"Just him?"
"Oh, I love megalomaniac Christian, too, and control freak Christian, sexpertise Christian, kinky Christian, romantic Christian, shy Christian...the list endless."
"That's a whole lot of Christians."
"I'd say at least fifty."
He laughs. "Fifty Shades," he murmurs into my hair.
"My Fifty Shades."

When Ana took the money to save Mia and Christian told her to take it all I was so sad. Guys, I felt so bad for Christian because he thought that she was with him for his money. I was screaming 'No! No! No!'

I was so happy when they were reunited and he said he was okay with her being pregnant. After his freak out when he found out when he found out that she was pregnant. I was glad to see that he came around to the idea of being a father.

I loved the ending with Christian playing with Teddy and talking to Ana about their baby girl. It was great. Just a good ending.

I loved how Christian and Ana grew as the story progressed. Once I finished Fifty Shades Freed I thought back to Fifty Shades of Grey and how Christian was. He is still controlling but his heart  has grew. He loves Ana, Teddy, and Phoebe. Ana also isn't shy/innocent anymore. She becomes this women that isn't afraid to call Christian out. In the first book I know that she was wanting to do things for him to make him happy but by the third book she tells him she's had enough. She uses the safe words and isn't afraid to tell him no.

These books made me happy, sad, frustrated, and intrigued. I am sorry if all of my feelings for these books are coming out a mess. Hopefully you enjoyed hearing my rambled thoughts and feelings.

Let me know what you thought of the Fifty Shades Trilogy!

Thanks for reading!
I hope you have a great day!

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