Thursday, 8 September 2016

One Year!

Hello everyone!!!
Today is a very special day! Today is the blogs one year anniversary. (I actually think that the anniversary was yesterday but I cannot remember. I just know that I started my blog right after labor day last year.) My first post was about my first time at the beach. I might put some of those pictures in a post later because the post is no longer up on here. The first post that is on my blog that you can read is a book review about Amy and Rogers Epic Detour by Morgan Matson, which was published on this day last year. Here is the link if you are interested in reading my thoughts. There isn't much to the review. Sorry.

Today like I said is a day of celebration and I want to say first of all, thank you to all the people that read this blog. I started this blog last year so I could talk about things that I love and it means a lot that there are people that want to read the posts I publish.

(I didn't want a cupcake so I got one of those angel food cake bowls. I put blueberries and whipped cream on top.)

As a way to celebrate my one year I want to do something different. I want to tell you a little bit about me. If you guys have read my about me page you will know that I am a 20 year old college student but you don't really know much more than that. So I thought that I could tell you twelve things about me. (Twelve because I have been blogging for twelve months. These will be book and non book related.)

1. I will read anything and everything. 
You guys probably only see that I read YA but I love books from every genre. I want to try and branch out more. If you have any good book suggestions let me know. 

2. Action movies all the way!
If I was given the choice between a romance movie or an action movie, I am watching the action packed movie. I love them! Bring on Jason Bourne, Mission Impossible, Inception, Captain America, etc. 

3. Until the 6th grade I hated reading.
The idea of reading to me before the 6th grade was torture. I know that this is a very well known response but when people ask what got me into reading I say Twilight. I didn't even want to read Twilight but my mom convinced my grandmother to read the series. Then they were talking about it and I thought I would give it a try. 

4. Coffee or Tea?
Coffee all the way but I have to put stuff in it. I CANNOT/WILL NOT drink black coffee. I think that black coffee is disgusting. If you haven't tried it, put some hot chocolate mix in your coffee. It's very good!

5. Hardback or Paperback?
This depends...I love reading a paperback because they are more portable and flimsy. I like hardback books because they tend to stay in good condition a lot longer than a paperback.

6. Favorite thing about college?
The freedom! I love that I can pick what classes I take and when I take them. I love that I don't have to sit in school for eight hours a day like I did from kindergarten through high school.

7. Favorite color?
I tried to keep the b.s. questions out of this but I think that this answer is kind of funny. My favorite color I think would be grey. My mother would laugh at me right now if she knew that I said my favorite color is grey. I always make fun of her because she painted her entire house grey! There are three rooms in her house that are not grey and those rooms are my siblings bedrooms but the rest of her house is grey! 

8. Favorite thing to do when I am not writing a post or reading or watching TV?
I love spending time with my siblings. My older sibling is almost twenty-five and the youngest is ten. I love going to their volleyball games, basketball games, football games, etc. My family is a really big part of my life.

9. Favorite posts to write?
I have loved writing all post I have written so far because I write about things that I love but if I had to choose it might be about TV shows that I love. Growing up my family did not like when I talked about what shows or books that I liked. I annoyed them because I would constantly talk about them. 

10. Travel destinations?
My dream is to travel. I envy people like Fun For Louis and Raya Was Here because they can travel for a living. I don't have any specific places, well maybe Ireland, that I am dying to go to. I just want to see as many places as possible.

11. Main goal in life?
This response may sound cliche but my main goal in life is to help people.

12. Favorite thing about blogging?
This is a two part answer for me. I love writing/brainstorming posts and I love talking to people. I know that I don't talk to a lot of people on here now but just knowing that people are out there reading what I am writing is nice. I am not mad that people are not commenting on here because it took me a while to comment on peoples posts even though I was reading what they wrote. That is why I always leave a question in my posts or something saying give me suggestions because I want to encourage conversation. I want to get to know the readers of Plethora Of Nonsense.

If you want to know more about me ask me your questions in the comments. Also let me know what are your favorite posts to read/watch. They can be posts I have written or posts from your favorite bloggers or vloggers. Or if you want, let me know a little bit about you. Answer the questions I answered in todays post in the comments!

Thank you for coming back every week to read what I publish!
I hope you have a wonderful day.

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