Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Why I love to read!

Hello everyone!

I am just going to start out by warning you that this weeks post is probably going to be really long. I am sorry if you do not like long posts. I guess you can come back next week or you can read other posts I have put up this month.

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Today I want to talk about why I read and what I love about reading. I sat down and thought about why I read and my love for reading these last few days. I started thinking about this after I spent the day with my younger sister.

What happened...

So two days ago, five days ago when you are reading this, I went with my sister to the college she attends because she needed some text books for her summer classes. She goes to a university out of state and she just recently got home for the summer, so I wanted to catch up with her. After we went to the college we had a few errands to run. While running these errands we past a Barnes and Noble, which is heaven, and she told me we are not going in there. My sister does not read unless she is forced and the idea of going into a bookstore is probably torture for her. I was okay with not going in to Barnes and Noble because if I did I would probably come out with a substantial decrease in my bank account. Its hard for me to leave a bookstore empty handed especially when I am in the bargain book section, which is the first place I look when going into a bookstore.

What really got me thinking was what my sister said as we were passing the Barnes and Noble. She told me I have my whole life to act like a sixty year old. 

I don't think that reading makes you a sixty year old. Yes, I will admit that people probably find me strange when I tell them that my idea of a perfect Friday night is curling up with a warm blanket, a cup of tea or coffee, and cracking open a book rather than going to a party. At this point in my life I don't find the idea of partying appealing and that is what (probably) makes me sound like a sixty year old but everyone has their priorities in life.


I thought I could make a list telling you why I love to read. 

1.) My first reason is that I love the worlds authors create. Whether the world is based off of real places or if the author made the world up. I love reading their take on the world and how they develop the world as the story goes on.
2.) Relationships are my second reason that I love reading books and this is probably my favorite reason for reading books. The relationship can be between siblings, parents and kids, a romantic one, or a friendship. The characters are what I really focus on when reading a book. I like to figure out the relationships and guess where they are going to be at the end of the book.

3.) The escape is my third reason that I love reading. I know a lot of people that read say this but I love the fact that I can pick any book and escape my life for a little while. My life isn't terrible, it could definetely be worse, but I just enjoy the escape.

4.) My last reason that I love to read is not about the individual story that is created but what books as a whole can do for people. I think that reading is a conversation starter. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone up to someone in a bookstore or a library and recommended them a book. People who were complete strangers. This is something out of the ordinary for me because usually I don't normally go out of my way to talk to people who I don't know. 

I believe that reading is a beautiful thing. I didn't actually develop my love for reading until I was thirteen or fourteen years old. I think that everyone should give reading a try. I know a lot of people  despise the idea of even picking up a book. That is when I think to myself 'You just have not found the right book yet and you need to keep searching because once you find the right book your world will be changed forever'.

Let me know in the comments what you love about reading. 

Thank you for reading!
I hope you have a good day!

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  1. I love this post Mariah! I feel the same way sometimes. A lot of people don't understand my love for books, blogging/writing, and planners. It's tough, but you should never feel sorry for anything you love doing!

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com


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